There are many sources to keep yourself informed about the newest innovations and the most fascinating ideas of our time, but no written word can express these ideas in the way the people involved in them can. Having the brightest minds of our time talking about the things they love and that changed their life is what TED offers to the world.

It does not matter if you need a different way of thinking to get creative on your next successful post, feel like something is strangling your creativity or you just have the impression that ten fingers are not enough to express your emotions, you find the right inspiration at TED.

You might even be able to see the talks live and end up drinking with Mike Rowe after you saw him talking about a really dirty job, as Matt did a while ago.

As big fans of The Entertainment Gathering and the idea behind TED, we are very happy that we can now bring these amazing talks to your blog.

You can now embed videos of TED talks following the instructions at the Support site.

Happy spreading!