well as you can see i’ve still have not posted any video podcast shows for the punks with aloha show.you just don’t know how hard it is for motivation and creativity to combine together!no real friends to help out, no inspiration.okay, i’m going to stop my bitching.i have thought up while in a leadership class today when acting like a little girl with a little girl voice and my partner was laughing histerically to create a finger puppet sideshow and do one character as a winey little girl.it could be funny?it could be a start at least!shit.a start to something to get me motivated to really start this show that hasn’t even started? yes?i was also thinking while watching these somewhat lame funny leadership videos of a sideshow called “super motivator guy” where you my audience would ask me questions and i’d try to motivate you in your everyday life with whatever you need help in.well please offer comments on your thoughts if you are reading this.thanks.