Our brains love a good story. The world of investing is built on that premise. The idea of scarcity is just one of these stories and it is BIG.

Humanity has functioned on the incorrect perception that scarcity of everything is a fact of life.

Particularly gold and silver investors have been buying into the fantastic stories of the magic of the metal over the decades. Stories of the rarity of gold have been around for decades, all of them false.

Yes, you read that correctly. The stories about gold being in limited supply are totally false and based on misinformation.

Not only have there been major discoveries of easily accessible gold reserves in the last year, the big story is that the universe is full of the stuff. Meteorites containing over 40% of gold have been found. Many of immense size are floating around in space and the technology to get to them is possibly already available. In addition to that there are scientists who are working on a formula to produce gold and silver via an alchemical process. However, you do not read about these things in the mainstream media.

Once the new technologies go on stream the only value gold and silver will have is their artistic value.

For years now the price for quality antique silver and gold objects has gone up while the futures have been going down.  Good silver and gold coins are coveted by investors and collectors alike. Don’t fall into the trap though that these investments will secure your future.

As governments are becoming more desperate for cash the likelihood of gold confiscation is a potential risk that anyone who has been hoarding gold and silver coins is facing.

I simply cannot buy into the idea that gold and silver have a big future at this moment in time. The odds are that neither gold or silver will make new highs.

With the world going through the biggest change in consciousness for several thousands of years the way we see everything is changing.

This is a fact that anyone who has a degree of emotional maturity can easily see.

The signs are everywhere. The values of old are changing big time and with it where we are going to invest will change too. The past is no longer a sure fire guide to where we are going in the future.