STOCKS: A temporary rally before a resumption of the down trend pattern
BONDS: Renewed fears of swelling supply derails classic slowing influences
CURRENCIES: The Dollar feels vulnerable in the wake of the latest bailout
COPPER: Corrective action possible with a temporary rise above 175 Dec
METALS: Expect ongoing gains as flight to quality views remain in place
CATTLE: USDA report supportive for supply; bounce but demand concerns persist
HOGS: More upside ahead but weak world economy may limit upside; chop/higher
BEANS: Lack of follow through on new lows may allow a brief recovery rally.
CORN: Farmers, specs and index funds all have an incentive to sell. Lower.
WHEAT: Friday’s lack of follow-through selling may mean 2-sided trade for now.
ENERGY: Up on easing financial mkt anxiety, cold weather, more OPEC cuts
COTTON: Positive technical action and demand for deliveries; bounce for now
COFFEE: Seems to have enough long-term supportive news to see recovery bounce
SUGAR: Need help from gold and energy to see new buyers emerge; bounce
COCOA: Up on weak $/strong Pound but currency action key to price direction

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.