STOCKS: For some reason the market has a preference for the bull tilt
BONDS: Auto sector threats might prompt the President to act be defensive
CURRENCIES: The Dollar down draft looks set to continue
COPPER: More new contract lows ahead
METALS: More Dollar losses ahead should mean more gold and silver gains ahead
CATTLE: Positive supply fundamentals into next year; demand to remain volatile
HOGS: Reversal may be sign of near-term low; rejected lower price; up for now
BEANS: Traders may need to wait for a break to buy and a rally to sell.
CORN: Corn stalled yesterday on increased farmer selling; correct down?
WHEAT: Momentum is building. We’d still buy despite recent series of gains.
ENERGY: Without a weaker Dollar the bulls have no case
COTTON: Saw a recovery bounce and could begin to see demand pressures mount
COFFEE: Coffee demand does not normally drop off significantly in recession
SUGAR: Weakening economic news and weak energy sector may keep cash tone weak
COCOA: Profit taking on overbought technicals & uncertain supply outlook

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.