STOCKS: Expect a dip following the #’s, with a weak muted mid morning bounce
BONDS: The trend remains up, look to buy breaks to this week’s lows
CURRENCIES: Expect US data to rekindle pressure on the US Dollar today
COPPER: Continue to sell rallies looking for even lower lows ahead
METALS: The bears look to have the initial edge today
CATTLE: Watch for continued uptrend into 2009; buy at channel support
HOGS: Probing for near-term low; big storage stocks; premium
BEANS: Advance continues as traders even up ahead of Christmas
CORN: Yesterday’s rally tells us there’s no selling until farmers make a move.
WHEAT: Wheat may have had its correction. The path of least resistance is up.
ENERGY: The bears retain control unless steep $ losses save the bull camp
COTTON: Sideways action but weak demand news could spark more selling ahead
COFFEE: After recent active selling, coffee poised to move higher next year
SUGAR: More long liquidation selling into the end of the year; chop down
COCOA: Pre-holiday profit taking, thin conditions could make for a volatile trade

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.