So the Fed does a liquidity dump to bail out knucklehead bankers and chowderhead home buyers and Wall Street rejoices. Or was that just revenge for the now defunct governor of NY’s past as a CEO killer?br /br /Anyway, the dollar at first liked the news but today it gave us an Emily Litella (nevermind) and hit a fresh new low. First, we thought that it would reduce the need for a huge rate cut by the Fed. Less cuts means better dollar and a better dollar means less /br /In my best Shaggy (from Scooby Doo) impression, “Zoinks!” What’s up with that?br /br /With the dollar sinking, we’ve got both inflation and less room for the Fed to act further. Check out this blog by a colleague a href=”” In it, they argue the case that the bond market, and especially TIPs, those inflation adjusted bonds, are absolutely pointing towards inflation despite pundits’ /br /Is it any wonder I am a bear on stocks? Yeah, there may be some range bound stuff for now as super high bearish sentiment is worked off (Yay! We did not fall off a cliff. Here come the helicopters!) but a buying opportunity this is not.