Every now and again I learn of something that is going on in our world that I feel is important to pass on in hopes that you will in turn pass it on to help everyone become more informed. Over the summer I watched the film “Sharkwater” and it opened my eyes to how our own Planet is deteriorating right before our very eyes. If I can raise awareness about how important sharks are to our world than I feel like I did something and if only on a small scale, you never eat another bowl of shark fin soup than you have at least done something as well.

I just came across another video about salmon farming and how it’s destroying the wild salmon population in British Columbia and the effects the farms are having on the wildlife surrounding the rivers. Please take the time to watch this video and pass it on, and by altering whether you buy farmed or wild salmon, you will have helped ecosystems on a major scale.

A lot of the time the problem is so big that people don’t know where to start. I just gave two actions that are well within reason that every person can change that will make a big difference.