This is a guest contribution by Damien Hoffman, editor of the very popular Wall St Cheat Sheet blog. Make sure to add this site to your must-read list.

In August I wrote an article “Is Nouriel Roubini a false prophet?” Apparently, some people are so smitten with Roubini they actually ignored all the cited articles and said, “No”. Consequently, I teamed up with a group of people around the world on an open source project to continue our mission exposing false prophets and help unwash those well-meaning brains.

The video below is a large collection of evidence proving Roubini has an horrendous record as a prognosticator. If you too know someone who has been listening to the seductive sounds of Roubini’s mantras, send them this helpful deprogramming message.

Source: Damien Hoffman, Wall St. Cheat Sheet, September 3, 2009.

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