OK. I am going to take a little time to update people on the site. I have made a couple of decisions. With Dave/Mod gone now and any chances of him returning extremely slim. I have decided to take some time out each day to write some market commentary. 
This was a route i was unsure that i wanted to take, I didn’t want to be seen to be trying to imitate Mod, because i don’t feel i fully can. However, having given the issue some thought recently i have decided it may help my focus, development and discipline as a trader. 
People are free to read them or not, and i urge people to take them with at least a pinch of salt, do their own research and draw their own conclusions. As a trader, i believe in a Quantitative Analysis type approach to trading these markets, but i have to respect the fundamentals, news flow and market sentiment. The updates will serve as a means to help me stay focused on these important areas. 
Hopefully the content will prove useful to someone and improve as i gain experience in writing them. 
The updates will take much the same format as those of Mods, time permitting, with a daily commentary and a calendar for the weeks upcoming market related events. 
I hope to start these updates some time this week. 
If anyone else wants to contribute their own commentary or analysis. I can create them their own personal blog and they are free to write their thoughts on their own area within the site. 
The site is a refuge for keeping alive the ideas and techniques for how Mod seen, traded and taught these markets and it will be here for as long as people come to it. Dave is continuing  to pay some bills for its upkeep and I will devote what time i can to its operation. Having said that, my prime focus is my trading, Verite is simply a mechanism to aid my growth as a trader. I have no plans for any type of monetization of the site and it remains a totally altruistic venture. 
Some input from site members will help to continue to make it a useful resource for traders, whether that be from ideas as to what can be done to improve the site, posting news articles, or talking about their own trade ideas. I am busy with my code, and other things. I really cant do all this on my own. 
Trade Calls
Yes. There has been a lack of trade calls, I just dont feel comfortable putting these out at the minute. Its a stressful venture in an already stressful discipline. I still want to offer this service at some point, as i feel it will, again, aid my trading focus and discipline.
In these tough markets of recent weeks and months, I just need time to become fully comfortable putting them out again. 
I guess thats all i really wanted to say. I am in chat close to 24/6 to feild any questions or suggestions.
Thanks & Good trading.
– Conal.