As popular as Peter Schiff is I’m astounded that the topic of his father doesn’t get more publicity. Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know about his father, Irwin Schiff, was a proponent of freedom and felt the income tax was unconstitutional.Upon googling I discovered the following below.

via wikipedia:

Irwin A. Schiff (born 1928) is a prominent member of the United States group which refers to itself as the tax honesty movement, and which has been referred to by the Internal Revenue Service and other government agencies as the tax protester movement. Schiff is known for writing and promoting literature that claims the United States income tax is applied incorrectly. He has lost several civil cases against the federal government and has a record of multiple convictions for various federal tax crimes. Schiff is serving a 13-plus year sentence for tax crimes. His projected release date is 7 October 2016.

Update: How strangely coincidental that I write about Irwin Schiff and tax evasion and tonight’s headline on marketwatch is as follows.

UBS says had 47K accounts for Americans– AP

UBS AG now says it had about 47,000 accounts held by Americans who didn’t pay U.S. taxes on their assets, but Switzerland’s biggest bank is providing the names of only 300 American clients to the U.S. government in a showdown over secrecy.

It is very strange for me personally these days how so many things are interrelated and “coincidental.”

And for those interested, Peter Schiff has a weekly life broadcast called “Wall St. Unspun”, that can be found here. It’s on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm central time, right now! You can call in and ask questions directly with Peter as well. I’m sure he’ll self promote many of his works, but at least when I listen to him I don’t feel like I’m being mislead.