Same roof again with third touch.  Missed those doji raves for both direction, but as far there there´s no pattern I don´t do FED´s or ECB´s or their speaks either. Shorted +35 pips from the old roof to the house. It´s triple top now again. This triangle zigzag is even more complete mess for me now. 30 Min and Hourly RSI orthodox overthrow above 70 would be wellcome message to start considering short solo after rollover.

No bets in here, but I do suppose inverse HS pattern comes true now, but I don´t like that either.

With 4 hours data that inverse HS looks very beautifull in here because neck line test was placed now also. For some reason I am out, was wondering to place OCO order to triple top to go long if it breakes, but I think all markets are due to serious correction mode in next few weeks and I just feel too lazy to trade today. 

Well, with this speed I don´t need to wait long 30 and 60 min RSI´s will get local orthodox overbought rollover again…

In the old good days this would be bullish sign for US stockmarket, interesting to see is everything going to vica versa now-on. While eur-usd plunged, sotck rocketed up. Now this one went up and everything else….landing soon too ?