I have added several blogs to the link list over the past week or so. Stock Rookie (Charlie G.) is a rookie like me. From what I have read, he does mostly paper trading at the moment, but even so, some of his picks appear very good. For instance, his newest post mentions EGT (Elixir Gaming Technologies). Yesterday I was doing some stock screening on FinViz. I searched for stock with high relative strength, and looked for charts with an increase in volume over the last few days. EGT looked to be a very good pick.

I also added Slope of Hope. I have been reading this site on and off for quite a while. Why I had not put it on the sidebar, I don’t know. Same goes for xTrends. Check the most recent post–amazing. And not only that, but the comment section is a veritable goldmine. Through Slope of Hope, I found Action Points, which looks promising. I have not read much of it yet, but from what I have read so far, Action Points looks like an extensive resource.

I have added Pursuing Wealth as well. A site dedicated to learning the market and prospering from such knowledge. Another interesting extensive blog, Quantifiable Edges aims to provide an empiracle approach towards trading. The historical information is a boon to any trader looking for another method to gain an edge in this market. Last, but definitely not least, I have added The Market Kid. His focus appears to be on stocks below ten dollars (at least for the most part). I am amazed at his returns and his picks.

Check them all out.

If you have any recommendation, feel free to post them below. I love perusing the internet, especially economic/trading blogs.