It’s always interesting to look into the daily routine of another trader and compare it with what you currently do. While I rarely miss the open I couldn’t trade without charts or doing extensive research. I never watch CNBC or any other news channel because it’s all garbage mean to mess with your profitablitiy.

One thing I have in common with this trader is that much of my trading comes after the lunch hour and I’m not tied to my computer because I use a number of alerts that allow me to take breaks throughout the day. The final hour is showtime no question as I try and position myself by entering new positions then.

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My trading is devoid of laborious research and I have no need for charts, oscillators, moving averages, waves, cycles and other supposedly must-have technical tools. All I need to trade for a living is the CNBC ticker tape, my seven-year-old computer and a dial-up modem to send orders to my trading firm.
The reality of my typical day also runs counter to the popular perception of the trader lifestyle. This may sound like heresy coming from a professional trader, but I usually don’t get up until 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. ET — one to two hours after the opening bell in New York. Because my time frame is end-of-day (not intraday, as
it was earlier in my career), I don’t need to be awake before the open.
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