STOCKS: More aggressive downside action ahead as the negatives compound
BONDS: Flight to quality buying to drive yields sharply lower
CURRENCIES: Extreme volatility watch but Dollar and Yen continue to prevail
COPPER: More severe deflationary selling directly ahead
METALS: Extreme chop possible with divergence between gold and silver
CATTLE: Already priced-in bearish demand for holiday; tightening supply ahead
HOGS: Supply to tighten into 2009 but need some pork/poultry exports
BEANS: We took out the top of the week’s range yesterday. Today, the bottom.
CORN: Weak dollar & poor demand point lower. However, sellers may be scarce.
WHEAT: Pressure coming from the dollar again. Test of the lows may be coming.
ENERGY: The bear camp holds almost all of the cards again today
COTTON: Big stocks and weakening global demand to keep pressure on; 37.57 Obj
COFFEE: Not enough support to offset negative outside market forces
SUGAR: Weakening outside market forces pull futures down despite positive news
COCOA: Currency markets will have key influence on cocoa price direction

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.