The Mayor’s Beautification Program has been selected as the May Charity of the Month. The mission of the Mayor’s Beautification Program is to build communities that value and contribute to Tampa Bay’s natural outdoor environment by helping to improve and beautify public areas, parks and streetscapes. Since 1989, the Mayor’s Beautification Program has recruited more than 50,000 volunteers to remove 350 tons (700,000 lbs) of invasive plants and litter and added more than 68,000 trees to the urban canopy.

TraderPlanet members have the ability to donate to the Mayor’s Beautification Program by using the Mendels that they earn on TraderPlanet. Each member has an opportunity to earn Mendels through their positive participation in the community. If you have not accrued enough Mendels to donate to the Charity of the Month, you can also purchase Mendels in the TraderPlanet store.

In addition to the contributions that are collected by member donations, TraderPlanet has also donated a $10,000 VantagePoint Software package for the silent auction to the Silver Spoons & Sandcastles XVIII event in which proceeds go to the Mayor’s Beautification Program.

The new charity poll which will determine the June Charity of the Month has been posted.Make sure you vote for the charity of your choice.