USH- Looks like the reversal action from last week Tues/Weds (1/27-1/28). Watch the 12609.0 low of the move.
ECH- 13008 is Fib retracement resistance, tomorrow will be a momentum sell short day.
SFH- Good breakout rally; the best of the money from this trade is probably made.
GCJ- 892.20 is old high support
SVH- 1208 is trendline support
SBH- 1268 is old high support; 1250 would be next support
KCH- I tried selling, it bounced off 118.05 Fib support. Keep watching for a short.
CTH- Looking bearish; I’d like to sell a break under yesterday’s low.
LHJ- Oops buy setup today, will it followthrough?
WH- Inside day, looking for a breakout down


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