Goldmember:br /ulli”Gold, I love gold”/li/ulIn the column today I noted that gold was firm despite the dollar being strong through last week. Something is up and perhaps it is the realization that trillions in bailout bucks cannot be good for the dollar. Or the yen. Or the pound. Or the YouRo. As gold bug Jim Sinclair says, gold is a currency, /br /Warren Buffett quote posted to a discussion board by John Bollinger:br /ulli”Equities will almost certainly outperform cash over the next decade, probably by a substantial degree. Those investors who cling now to cash are betting they can efficiently time their move away from it later. In waiting for the comfort of good news, they are ignoring Wayne Gretzky’s advice: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”br //li/ulA bit of chart analysis by blogger extraordinaire, Barry Ritholtz:br /ulliThe Dow scored a Wyckoff Spring last week by trading below its trading range and immediately trading back up within. /li/ulI call it a false breakdown and a somewhat bullish event. Why somewhat? The cheese (Dow) stands alone. No other major has the same /br /Jerry Costello, a trader posting to a different chat board:br /ulliLining the Nasdaq of today up with the depression era Dow suggests that the market is not going to fall apart. The 1929 Dow peak lines up with the 2000 Nazzie peak. See comment number 2 in this blog post./li/ulRob Hanna in his Quantifiable Edges blog:br /ulliThere is no statistical proof of market strength Thankgiving week. br //li/ulI say, let’s be thankful that we are still standing after this bear market. Any day spent above ground is a great day. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. While an official American celebration, we can all appreciate the concepts it is supposed to represent. And no, not a sale on autos and ab machines.