I started off with paper trading gaining nearly .50 on shorting SNTA and DYAX.

I then made my first trades with Cy Group using the Laser platform. There were some kinks with me learning the system but after making one trade, I realized it was time to move on to trading with real cash. Using 100 share positions is a very cautious approach and does not put much money at risk. In fact, trading 1000 share lots paper trading can be more stressful in some ways. So, essentially, I’m moving my time frame up a month as I was planning on starting live trading on April 1st with Cy Group. Here are my 3/02 trades using real money:

Stock # Gross Fee Net L/S Notes
SNTA 100 -10 -1.83 -11.83 S Stopped out on spike
DYAX 100 8 -1.82 6.18 S Should of held on longer
ANDS 120 -13.4 -2.19 -15.59 S Spiked and sold
-21.24 TOTAL

I started off in the green with DYAX, but then both SNTA and ANDS reversed against me violently. All my orders were executed very quickly. Overall, it was a good day as I started to get acclimated with Laser, and it was an important step, as it was time, to say goodbye to paper trading for now.