Some Eur-Usd Calculation;

W wave started from 1.2526 and ended to the 1.3737 = 1211 Pips
X wave retraced this with 61.8% = 848 Pips

Wave X size 848 pips x 1.618 = 1372 Pips (~1380)

When adding 1372 pips to the X bottom which was 1.2889 = 1.4261  

If we multiply 848 pips with 2.618 then it hits 1.5150 which is also annual chart 61.8% fib resistance.

So, 1.4261 comes as close I could imagine impulse leads. Whatever kind of correction it takes in here does not interest me now much as many other pairs are far more better. It seems HS failed in here or then it was not HS at all as it still seems to go sideways but before 1.4000 is cleared it should be only corrective by nature below of this line.  W5 upside is missing for me.

Below is UsaCad and Gbp-Usd charts, which are close now, looking reversal for Gbp-Usd at 1.61-1.62 area and for UsaCad 1,10. AusUsd will reach in here 50% as well while EurAud reach .618% bottom – so, exiciting moments all over.