Anyone interested in purchasing a daily (weekly optional, for a lower price) newsletter? Each evening, before 9PM PST you would receive an email containing a PDF file, the newsletter.

In the newsletter:

– I’ll discuss what happened in the markets that day and how I interpret the price movement (e.g. was it a short covering rally?, the start of a bear market rally?, a potential short, long).

– I’ll focus on various points throughout the day on the S&P500 and occasionally the DOW (I prefer trading the S&P500 eminis and find it to be a better representation of the market). I’ll touch on where ideal points of entry are and how I would identify them before price reaches that point (it does you no good to identify good points of entry after you can enter at the identified point).

– I’ll also suggest possible scenarios for the following day. Sometimes it is easy to point out the most likely scenario. Sometimes having a few in your mind is necessary to stay on top of the game.

– With each newsletter I’ll point out a few stocks that I am currently following. For instance, I followed AAPL for the last two days, successfully trading it a couple times for nice profits. I’ll let you know what I am looking for and what ideal entry points are or are not. I’ll list some trades I took, and why I took them.

– Furthermore I’ll update you on possible news and developments (oversold or overbought conditions, etc) that you should keep in mind and what to expect should more information be released.

Also, I will make a deal that anyone who does not recoup the costs of the newsletter (assuming a reasonable beginning account size) will get a refund. Of course, you have to actually utilize the information in the letters. I’ll have to consider exactly how we will quantify this, but I don’t aim to rob you of your money. I want you to be successful, as it will reflect well on me.

Furthermore, despite limited time during the day to actually trade the markets (which is why I hope to make a little cash by writing information for others who can trade all day), I have made my friend 6% in overall profits in the last three weeks or so. It’s not much, except when you consider the short bursts of time I actually have during market hours to trade (I love making $200 in 20 mins or so =)).

Let me know what you think.

Not sure about prices yet…would require PayPal payment as well.