Futures are down right now. The financials may be volatile because of the mark-to-market hearings (I’m leaning toward a sell the rumor dynamic). I’m short biased, but am also open to a sell-off in the morning and a drive up the rest of the day if the bulls have really taken over for now. But the long-term trend is down and the fundamentals in this economy are still ugly (jobless claims report tomorrow).

Symbol Last %Chg ADR OPEN High Low
BAC 4.93 2.92 0.55 5.3 5.85 4.75
KEY 7.03 1.74 0.87 6.98 7.85 6.11
MBI 3.74 1.91 0.57 3.71 4.28 3.14
YRCW 2.89 44.5 0.28 2.2 2.48 1.92
GNBT 0.45 60.71 0.1 0.33 0.43 0.23

BAC -Up 57% from lows, at a trendline / $5 resistance point. Trader Mike has a nice daily chart posted showing this.

KEY – I agree with Mark at Stock Pursuit this stock has a nice range, could go both ways and is in the middle of it’s 5-day high and low range.

MBI – Showed weakness today after a multi-day run up; also doji candle on daily chart. May be a good short.

YRCW – If it breaks past $3, it could be a good long. However, this area is a past area of support in February so it could act as resistance, and it’s already above the high point in its average day range.

GNBT – Up from a .10 two days ago; appeared to have an earnings report afterhours today. Looked horrible to me, but maybe it was not as bad as expected. The volume on this run up is high so maybe there will follow through on Thursday. It may tank but a rally to $1 is maybe possible.