I presented as a guest speaker at a university class today and have a proposal due tomorrow. I hope to get things done so I can trade Friday PM.

Public speaking makes me more anxious than trading, even though I teach a couple classes a year now. Nothing more terrifying though I don’t have panic attacks like I used to when I first started. After the first five minutes today, I got into the zone – I stopped thinking about what I was saying, and just said it.

Stop thinking about how to trade, and just trade – I guess it will take time just like with anything.

While I’m blessed to make a living from rewarding things like teaching and writing, I have to say so far, trading is way more fun. And of course, there isn’t the ceiling on the income side like those other endeavors, though there isn’t the risk either.

I’m lucky to be able to work for myself as it is. And now with the economy so bad, my client base and teaching gigs are so diversified, I’m fairly insulated from being laid off all at once. When some work dries up, it doesn’t kill me and I can usually drum up something from another source. Counting my blessings – in addition to the baby coming sometime in March.