Some wisdom from around the technical analysis and related /br /When is comes to securities, volatility in the divisor is a time /—John Bollinger, CFA, CMTbr /br /Indicator drift is just part of the problem we have been faced with ‘market transformation’ in the last few years…different trading hours, expirations, substitute or competing contracts ( mainly in stock futures) so much from the old pit sessions is not as valid as it once was as markets have become relatively seamless from closes to opens and electronic markets have /br /Seasonals are now different as large crops are produced above and below the equator with 2 different harvests, /br /Darwin said it best…”It is not the strongest or brightest of the species that survives; it is the one that adapts the best”br /—Larry Williams, trader (and teacher) extraordinairebr /br /“If you are ready and able to give up everything else, to study the whole history and background of the market and all the principal companies whose stocks are on the board as carefully as a medical student studies anatomy, to glue your nose at the tape at the opening of every day of the year and never take it off till night. If you can do all that and in addition you have the cool nerves of a great gambler, the sixth sense of a kind of clairvoyant, and the courage of a lion,” then you’ve got a /—Bernard Baruch (found by Prof. William Voelker (U Illinois Champaign.Urbana in the NY Times)