1,3800 placed.

Easy part of this diagonal “Y” correction since top of 1,4335 is now over. Personally I think recent days setup is the best EW can offer when it comes to real high propablity where I cannot even see any alternates events, you can do hundreds of trades with these patterns.

Looking 1,3600 as next new low in few weeks, but we should have now zigzag times ahead and possible a lot of them. 

In shortest timeframe my best guess price will stay now in here, we do zigag and finally some day will retrace this first impulse. Once it´s done & finished, new impulse for current direction should open again for new low.

UsdJpy chart will solve this out also. See my weekend alternates for it – there´s good reason why price is frozen in here because either side breake opens a longer path.

+117 pips and closing the day. There might be very silent sideways moments ahead now-on. Bear in mind that whatever waves I mark to the new low as alternate, in much bigger degree there´s high propability in here we´re inside of much larger W3 waves and those waves terminates any rally shortly and quickly, but first impulse is clearly fully done now with 1,3800 and need to be retraced.