Q: I am half way through the fifth volume of the Peak Performance Course.

My question is about tampering with a trading system. The course content seems to suggest that the top traders follow their trading system verbatim and through superior money management and risk control, they are able to achieve consistent profits. But, my trading system supplier is telling me to use discretion when using their trading system. For example, to stand aside during the FOMC meeting week, to avoid trading during large range days. To me, this sounds like tampering with the trading system, which a top trader would never do.

But I am thinking, maybe tampering is acceptable if you use additional filters ONLY TO OVERRIDE trade signals and NEVER TO GENERATE them. That is, only accept signals that are generated by the trading system, but override them if the additional filters suggest that you do so.

How does that sound?

A: No trading system works in all market types and most are discretionary. You should know what the market type is (see the latest update in Tharp’s Thoughts) and how your system performs under those condition. And not trade it if the conditions are poor.

I usually recommend in the Peak Performance Course, for example, that you not be discretionary until you know what you are doing.