It appears this HS plunge is very, very fast one with new impulse. Much faster as I thought it would (but direction is right is the main point). Well, isn´t that common with W3. We started today from 1.3335 and trading allready 1.3125 on the table with several hours still to go. 

Should start looking that 50 % retracement allready. When we have new impulse down, which comes this quickly it´s impossible say exact (possible) turn platform, 1.3115 should not be far, sometimes these leaves a bit lower with overthrow, sometimes going to turn from exact place.

Exit shorts now. That 61.8% “X” is coming someday and possible much, much deeper, but market is working now to find W3 bottom.

With allready 1.3147 on the tape, I am still waiting – I am more happy to miss one W4 as buying it too early, but it´s allways possible 1.3122 left that allready.