Well, the world of stock promotion is way more extensive then I imagined. I’m still going to track some of these pumps for fun, and maybe as an eventual strategy, but I have to narrow things somehow, so I’m definitely eliminating OTC and PK stocks. Who knows, maybe I will just track Beacon Equity – which by the way sent out a teaser today for their last pick of the year coming Monday!

Here’s essentially a link dump of relevant urls:

I talked about StockGumshoe in a previous post, but they’ve recently completed a makeover, and I just wanted to repeat that the place is a treasure trove of information on this subject and there seems to be an active community participating.

Someone emailed me asking about what are “The Lion” pumps mentioned in the InvestorsLive chat room? I believe it the founder of the website of the same name – his username is the Lionmaster. Sometimes his posts appear to have a big impact.

Another site mentioned by Muddy is StockPromoters, which has an extensive database about who and how much companies are paid for promoting a stock. However, after a 3 day trail period, there is a $100 per month subscription – so after the trial ends I will only being using whatever free features they offer. This may be a free alternative at StockReads.

This was also sent to me by the same emailer mentioned above – a site that tracks stock spams. Such spams may or may not be part of an official promotion paid by the company, but the site is focused on the unsolicited emails that are rampant.

Last, here is a guy that is paid in hundreds of thousands of stock shares to promote real bottom feeder over the counter and pink stocks. The name of this site is Willy Wizard, and the actual webpage is even more unpolished, to be nice about it.