Hello TraderPlanet Members,

As anticipation builds for the release of TraderPlanet v2.0 on Monday, we wanted to take a moment to summarize the significant changes that members will be seeing in this next release.

Functionality Changes

• Improved photo management interface which implements drag and drop
• Navigation has been re-organized so content is more easily found
• Trading Secrets are now a category within articles
• Friends now becoming Follows / Followers — this removes the requirement of friendship being mutual (someone may be interested in following you and your content, and you do not have to reciprocate).
• Sign-up and profile editing processes have been streamlined.
• Video Fun & Video Education have been merged and now offer one master category list.
• Now easier to change online status / use instant messenger as they are available in the new presence panel
• Simpler purchase process for Mendels currency
• Corporate membership upgrade process has been improved.
• Re-factored many core coding systems, increasing performance substantially.

New Features Implemented

• Presence Panel manages your presence on the planet, from online friends to easy access to your content, friends, profile, it is always available at the bottom of your screen.
• User Interface has been completely redesigned for simplicity, and consistency throughout the site.

Known Bugs Fixed

• Company search has been re-written from the ground up to drastically improve performance.
• Blog Directory now lists all active blogs on the site, ordered by activity.
• Distance search calculations have been corrected, allowing you to more accurately find members near you.
• ‘Friends I might know’ calculations have been improved and should now provide more and more accurate results.
• Quizzes now display the correct scores upon test completion.
• Member Password reset has been re-implemented to confirm request by email, navigating back to the site to reset the password (this offers a more secure approach).
• Quizzes can now be browsed by category.
• Commentary RSS Feeds now follow RSS standards
We hope you enjoy these changes just as much as we enjoyed working to bring them to you. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to post them here in the blog, or write to us at admin@traderplanet.com.

The TraderPlanet Development Team