There we go, my first GBP-JPY EW chart. This is huge, 240 min channel while my Eur-Usd count I track is 60 Min. I didn´t end up with bearish wedge with it, because I thought it´s far too danger to take any wedge approach from the bottom as they are most often only A wave diagonals which are not so well documented & researched and tends to overthrow very strongly with C waves.

I ended up with double ZigZag, possible working with triple ZigZag. This chart needs much more smaller counts to support the view but I have to confess it´s far more interesting as Eur-Usd and completely different also. Will attatch smaller counts to this post as soon as finished with them. Perhaps this support a bit to track those eur-usd mad sideways patterns also which seems to behave forever.