Two weeks ago, the “Montauk Monster” washed up on the beach out on Long Island. Was it real or a fake? And if it was real, what the heck was it?br /br /And now, we have a citing of Bigfoot, caught and killed by some hunters somewhere out there in the US. I did not even pay attention to the news report at the time since I was too busy selling stocks so I’d like to know where it /br /Anyway, the social mood guys should have a field day with this stuff. What does it mean for the stock market when monsters are found out there? Or should we say, we want to believe, a la Fox Mulder, that there is something out there waiting to eat our babies?br /br /Social mood is rather terrible these days as we bicker over presidential candidates’ policies, lament over how little money we have in our pockets and worry about who is kicking our backsides on the world stage (business, research, sports, money, etc). And the socionomics guys predicted the war in Georgia, so they /br /From my knowledge on the topic, wars happen after stock market declines are well underway but not over. The bigger the decline, the bigger the /br /From Hollywood, movies give us more clues. Last year’s blockbuster? Hairspray? High School Musical? Happy, happy, joy, /br /This year’s blockbuster? The Dark Knight featuring a dead actor playing the scariest role many of us have seen in a long time. That is bear market mood.