In many of my former posts I’ve talked about the dramatic improvement that you can make in your trading by giving as much importance to ‘time’ as you currently do to ‘price’.

What if instead of being a slave to the charts you could calmly pinpoint exactly the right times to trade – times that will lead to the most decisive moves. Not only that but you could do it ahead of time so that you would know with plenty of notice when a trade was coming, and you could prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the perfect execution of your plan.

This is possible when you have a method that incorporates cycles. Even if its just to tick it off your list and say “checked it out, not for me” I encourage you to investigate the possibilities of cycle trading.

In this post I’ve listed in one place a goldmine of cycle trading resources. These links represent the best of the best in cycle trading knowledge.

A word of caution though. Some of these sites/books are shrouded in slightly obscure language that might appear intimidating at first. Did you ever watch the TV series Kung Fu where the old Master made the student ‘grasshopper’ stand outside the Shaolin monestery for days to test whether he was worthy of being a student? I’ve come to the conclusion that some of them purposely make things a bit complicated to scare off the people that aren’t serious about uncovering the valuable information that they contain. Persevere – its well worth it.

J.M Hurst – Hurst Cycles

J.M. Hurst is a legend. He was an aerospace engineer by training and background, and a pioneer in computerized research into the nature of stock price action. Devoting many years and over 20,000 computer hours to the study of cycles, his books are trading classics.

The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing

Cyclic Analysis: A Dynamic Approach to Technical Analysis

Software for implementing Hurst Envelopes: Divergence Software, Inc cyclePack

Walter Bressert

Walter is one of the ‘greats’ in the field of cycle trading. He pioneered the work of cycle trading using smoothed oscillators.

The website is going through some challenges right now but Walter’s Profit Trader Software is great so contact them by email if you want to try it our for 30 days. You can read the manual which tells you quite a lot about it and cycle trading here.

Roy Kelly

Roy Kelly’s Floor Trader’s Tools Software is in my opinion one of the best alround trading systems on the market. It incorporates excellent cycle and trend indicators that can be traded for consistent profits. Find out more about Floor Trader’s Tools here.

If you are reluctant to shell out the cash without knowing more about the system check out Roy’s book The Trading Method That Will Make You Rich.

John Ehlers – Mesa

MESA and Trading Market Cycles: Forecasting and Trading Strategies from the Creator of MESA, 2nd Edition

Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures: Cutting-Edge DSP Technology to Improve Your Trading (Wiley Trading)

For more information about Mesa indicators and systems visit


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