Redefining the emergency response paradigm from centralized equipment staging to onsite pre-deployed resources, Sector 10, Inc. (SECT.OB) has recently announced that it has signed the letter of intent with Fairhaven International LLC. However, it does not look legible. In addition to that, the company reported that a reverse stock split restructuring was approved. Although the company claims that this split was necessary in order to increase shareholder value of the company. Unfortunately, my opinion about this isn’t positive: it seems that the stock price is too low in order to attract more investors. Besides, it might happen that small shareholders might be cashed out and will no longer own a tiny part of the company. Thus I don’t see any positiveness in here.

One more negative aspect about the company is that Sector 10 paid $15,000 and 1,325,000 shares for the stock promotional service. Still this does not seem to be helping lift up the stock price which is at $0.012, i.e. 20% down if compared to the last trade.

Thus Sector 10 does not seem to be promising a really bright future to present as well as would-be investors. Due to these reasons, there is no aim to look at the company’s performance from financial aspect.