Self esteem is a one of the causes of poor trading performance. Most of us have self esteem issues without knowing it: They are the result of our conditioning, religious beliefs, and a misunderstanding of our inherent power to manifest our desires.

Our conditioning is so deeply imbedded that it causes us to think that our reality is fixed and therefore difficult to change.

For example: You may think that you can’t make a certain amount of money, because your resources are limited. This belief creates a glass ceiling which you cannot move beyond, because of the belief you hold about the conditions of money and making money. What you view as true about your limitations is actually no more than a well trained thought.

Well trained thoughts are conditioning that has turned into firm beliefs about ourselves and our reality. 

Conditioning always limits you, making you a victim of your circumstances.

While you continue to believe that outside circumstances control your present life and dictate your future you cannot devise strategies that alter your circumstances.

The very belief that you are at the mercy of something else lowers your self esteem. It limits your ability to see the full picture of yourself. When you are saddled with the burden of a belief that you are lacking in skills and opportunity and therefore have to compensate for this lack every decision you make is based on this belief.

You are unaware of how you are limiting yourself. The feeling is the normal status quo of your existence.

While you think like this, the status quo remains the same. You can work on your trading strategies forever, meaningful progress eludes you until you learn a new truth about yourself.

From my book The Buddhist Trader you receive the strategies that help you to build your self esteem.

Knowledge brings confidence.

It is pre-requisite to transformation from which everything else follows. Self knowledge that is based on truth, not on conditioning, is the most powerful gift you can give yourself.

I have talked in other articles about the transitional energies we are experiencing today. These energies support a change of perception in all areas of life.

The most powerful changes are created when you change the way you see yourself., not how you see the world.

You are the core of existence, the centre of your universe from which all the other universes emanate.  Once you realise this and fully integrate this knowledge you become unstoppable. You will stop depending on other people’s approval and start appreciating your own, unique values, talents and aspirations.

Start with appreciation for yourself. Appreciation and gratitude for your life, your personal circumstances, viewing experiences as great opportunities to learn, will bring you closer to your true self. Gratitude for yourself is one of the hardest things to have, practice it daily and your life will improve in all areas, your trading, your health, your relationships.