Was completely off this afternoon in a very choppy market, a bear where the bulls won’t give up. I shut down my paper trading when I realized I was not following my rules at all….and it was a due opposite of what your brain says day. All my shorts would of been great pullback entries for a rally into close!

# Following Rules Behavior Chain % Wins Gross Net
4 0% -5
0% -0.39

RHT -.18 SHORT ~ Chased when the stock was dropping quickly, did not buy on a rip but shorted on a dip. This is a stock with good news – my entry on a bottom wick would of been a wonderful long as this baby bounced nicely and I was stopped out (I gave it a very wide stop because the stock quickly moved against me as I did not wait for the pullback to enter).

RRD -.04 SHORT ~ This stock did nicely drop but the market violently snapped back around 3pmish, and this fade play was stopped out. Did not enter on a pullback but chased.

YRCW -.08 SHORT ~ Bought above $4, looking to get in before it went under again, but at this point had my stop tighter.

HTZ -.09 SHORT ~ See above.

Results of do-opposite-of-what-Charlie-thinks-is-a-good-idea-DAY, if I had gone long at the point where I shorted and held on to 3:50pm, the net gain would of been about $1.15. Please look forward to a contra-indicator service I will be offering soon to the public.

PS: I did cram an intensive and crazy amount of work in between 8am to 2:30pm so I could trade today, but no excuses!