Decent day, on light paper trading in which I spent more time observing and fiddling with my chart set up as well. Have been monitoring futures, $TICK, $TRIN and $VIX on one screen to get a sense of market direction and momentum. Hasn’t been too distracting yet. I did get several tweets about the solars running and logged into the chat room late morning, and saw the same thing there (YGE, JASO, etc.) – however I did not act on it though I had plenty of notice – I was hesitant to buy under overbought conditions but these were classic momentum set-ups.

# Following Rules Behavior Chain % Wins Gross Net
3 66% 1 100% 0.35 0.305

AINV +.10 SHORT ~ Entered at $3.60ish resistance on rocket candles with a very high RSI(2). I took the ten cent scalp profit to start off the day right, which was following my rules for this type of set up too.

LNC +.18 LONG ~ Waited for a pullback and a lower RSI(2) for entry. Overall market looked to be advancing and the stock was bullish all morning. This one I technically broke my rules; I over-rode them selling when RSI(2) peaked to lock in a profit. LNC had a little more to run but if I had followed my rules (waiting for a full red price bar to cross the 10 SMA on the 1-minute chart) I would of had the same profit.

PLD +.17 SHORT ~ Risky trade to short HOD, but these were tall rocket candles and RSI was almost at 100. I entered on a nice long upper wick and took the scalp a couple minutes later. PLD consolidated a little and then went up another half buck.