Swiss power & automation specialist ABB is moving from strength to strength with the recent announcement of a €550m contract which integrates with a green power project in Ireland. Irish system operator Eirgrid, has ordered a transmission system using HVDC Light (high-voltage direct current), an ABB technology with environmental benefits that include neutral electromagnetic fields, oil-free cables, low electrical losses, and compact converter stations. The solution will allow Ireland to expand wind power generation & via the new link, will enable it to import power from the UK as needed & to export power when it generates a surplus.

“We are delighted to partner Eirgrid for this project,” said Peter Leupp, head of ABB’s Power Systems division. “ABB’s HVDC Light technology will enhance the stability of both the Irish and U.K transmission grids, and also expand capacity for the use of renewable power.”

For those not in the know, ABB Ltd, is a global leader in power and automation technologies, enabling customers to improve performance while lowering potential environmental impact. The company has operations in 87 countries globally & currently carries a workforce of approximately 110,000 employees, delivering complex power projects into logistics, energy, industry & utility sectors.


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