If nothing else, the market is consistent in its inconsistency. One can depend on the market to be inconsistent. The reason is simple – the Market R Us. We the people are the market and we the people are irrational beings when it comes to money (and love I hear). We can act like a herd of horses stampeding of a cliff when the media fires a gun above our heads.

My point? Recognize this and panic will not be an issue for you; you will not go over the cliff with the herd. Stay cool.  

– This week could very well be the greenback’s last stand.

And as the “prescient” words appear, the greenback climbs back toward 93. Every analyst, economist, and soothsayer “knows” what will happen in a given market, or the market, and the breathless media delivers prattle from all of them ad nauseum. Ignore most of it.

– As if Europe weren’t enough to worry about, the U.S. economy is now getting wobbly.

And so we know why today is a reversal of equal proportions in the market – media gunshots.

– Twenty-five U.S. airlines combined for after-tax earnings of $25.6 billion in 2015— a more than threefold increase over the $7.5 billion in profits one year earlier.

The above means people are flying a bunch all over the world, right? How bad can the global economy be? Flying ain’t cheap.

– Oracle is buying Opower, a company that sells data analytics software to big energy companies in a deal worth about $532 million.

Worth checking out what this means …