I really need to research and understand rollovers in the forex market. I got raped by one today because I was short EUR/USD around 4:00PST. The position wasn’t awful when I left, but when I got back my P/L was up quite a bit. But the price hadn’t moved much at all. I got hurt by the rollover. I’ll put it all into an article and explain how you can use it to your advantage, basically setting up your own carry trade. But, doing the opposite of the carry trade will get you hurt.

On a different note, I have been clearing out my offsite link section. I decided to make it a little more like a community, linking people who link me, comment here and who I talk with on twitter. I’m sure you can find links to The Big Picture and Abnormal Returns elsewhere, and I’d be surprised if you found my site without stumbling across those earlier. There’s no real reason to have them on the sidebar. Another thing that bothered me was that I only get so many hits. I figure I might as well give those who contribute and support me better odds at getting more traffic for themselves.

Another thing that I have put off too long is labels. So I have been working on adding labels to my old content.

Basically, I am trying to spruce things up a little, change things around to make the site more helpful and useful. I have quite a few ideas for articles that I’d like to put together–seems like the articles generate the most interest and attention. I also want to develop some other novel content ideas. Maybe a historic chart of the week, a random trading fact, a weekly economic quote/excerpt with commentary, or an interview of some of you traders out there; something of that sort. I enjoy the writing and, now that I have near-daily postings down, I would like to cultivate and nurture the content somewhat. Any ideas are welcomed.