3.12 – 2008

Noap, no crash, just average down, then up again – higher. Pretty deep retracements inside of this triangle what every upmovement takes. Perhaps, this is it. We start getting expanding triangle channel as upwave, because I am not coming with you – I am going to subdivide to EuroYen trading for this month.

Enjoy, but take care that you won´t be there when final E will be placed, when it´s placed I will be there then ;). I think VIX is the best target to EW chart now, because it does have a fully impulse which could correct A-B-C down. Sorry, I just don´t like non impulsive expanding channels, if Oil will join to the club, then I might re-consider, but at so far it´s still landing, even 50 $ didn´t offer much support for it.