UPDATE: After I wrote this post, I thought maybe I should just ask SF what was going on. They answered within 30 minutes on a Sunday night by email.

In the first line of the calculators, you have to list the symbols. Don’t have spaces in between them and it works fine on the View Screen option.

symlist (gm,f,axl,c,appl,goog) – this works!

symlist (gm, f, axl, c, appl, goog) – this doesn’t!

I’ve had a weird experience using several of the calculators on StockFetcher that I wrote about in this post.

First, though, I read a dozen or so blogs of experienced technical traders, and universally the sentiment is bullish for the short-term overall market. Some were brave enough to enter longs on Friday while others are going to sit on the sidelines until there are more reversal signs. The rally, and accompanying stock prices and other indicators, at the end of last week despite the horrendous economic news seems to be very convincing. The main thing that stands out to me – from my short several months watching stocks, I haven’t seen such consensus on market direction among the bloggers I follow.

So, on to StockFetcher. With the calculators, you first have to enter the tickers you want to test:

My Filters > Options > Edit > * Add Symbols > Save

However, following this path of using the calculators, it only gives me one result at a time, rather than running the scan on all the tickers in the scan. This is the natural way to go because you are on this screen after saving the symbols.

My Filters > Options > Edit > View Scan

However, they work fine if I do the scan this way.

My Filters > Click on name of filter.

Since I have a way to make it work, it doesn’t matter much. In emailing Johnny Vento, he said SF tends to be buggy.