FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Releases Results of Trader Expectations Survey

Tampa Bay, FL, October 14, 2009 – Respondents to a member survey conducted by, an interactive social networking site for active traders and investors, see higher inflation rates in the U.S. economy’s future and believe that being long stocks or commodities and short bonds or the U.S. dollar will be the best investments over the next few years.

The largest percentage of respondents expect some deflationary effects in the near term, but more than 82% say inflation will then be the dominant overall economic theme over the next three years. With that environment, nearly 85% of those responding prefer being long commodities and more than 70% being long stocks over the next three years. After a mixed outlook for the next year, nearly two-thirds of respondents also see buying real estate as a good investment in the next three years.

  • 60% of those responding think being short will be the best position for both bonds and the U.S. dollar over the next three years.

  • More than 75% think corporate bonds will be the most profitable bond market performer

  • Among the stock market choices, survey respondents are most optimistic about the prospects for exchange-traded funds and least optimistic about mutual funds.

  • Among the commodity choices, respondents are bullish on energy (89.7%) and metals (87.8%) followed by agricultural commodities (77.4%)

With the likelihood of rising inflation rates and the probability of continued price volatility, nearly 85% of respondents see these conditions as an opportunity and not as a threat, and 69% of respondents say they are likely to increase their number of trades in the next six months.

The survey was conducted online by, which launched in January of 2009 and currently boasts more than 20,000 users. The site is dedicated to keeping traders and other like-minded investors better informed by helping them to improve their trading skills with information and education content. has over 20,000 market commentary posts, nearly 600 videos and several hundred articles.

“Our member surveys help us to stay connected to our audience,” noted founder Lane Mendelsohn. “In asking them about their expectations with the markets and what content they favor on the site, we are better equipped to provide them with the resources and tools that they need to assess risks and succeed, regardless of market direction.”

Added Senior Analyst Darrell Jobman, “When we have 83.1% of respondents tell us that web sites like are their most helpful educational resources, it illustrates that we’re on the right track with our business model.”