There are no reports out this morning; there is a Cattle on Feed out after the close.No big news overnight, there were stories about bearish demand for agricultural and industrial commodities, but nothing major.

June S&P:Momentum buy day. Resistance is 786.25 and 795.
June NASDAQ:Momentum buy day.1209 is resistance.
June Treasury Bonds:Doji yesterday, breakout mode today.
June Japanese Yen:Momentum sell short day. 10480 is support.
June Euro Currency:Sell short day.13520 is support.
June British Pound:146 is resistance, 144 is support.
June Canadian Dollar:8080 is pivot today, momentum is bearish.
April Gold:Momentum sell short day; 950 is key support.Regaining 970 is key for the bulls.
May Silver:Momentum sell short day. 1350 then 1330 are support.
May Copper:New highs coming on lower momentum; 175 is suipport.
May Coffee:Held 115 overnight, 11745 is resistance.
May Cotton:4350 is resistance, i don’t think they can get through today.
May Crude Oil: As with copper, this rally is coming on lower momentum.Bearish divergence?
May Soybeans: 960-4 is trendline resistance.
May Wheat:Momentum sell short day.
May Corn:393 is support, 398 is resistance.

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