The jobs report was a bit worse than expected-August jobs fell by 216K, the rate rose to 9.7%. July’s NFP was revised downward by 29K. That’s not a disaster, but not a bullish surprise for the economy either.  That’s it for economic news today; trade may thin out this afternoon ahead of the long Labor Day weekend.  Chinese stocks were up by 3% overnight, Europe was a bit higher.  The G20 meets this weekend; I don’t expect anything exciting from it.

Sept. S&P:  The day before a holiday weekend is often bullish; today doesn’t look to be an exception.  They cleared resistance at 1007; the midpoint of the recent selloff is 1014.90.
Sept. NASDAQ:  1615 is resistance; clearing that targets 1627.
Dec. Treasury Bonds:  ID/NR breakout setup; it’s currently trading at support around 120.  There’s trendline support at 11924.
Currencies:  Roll to December for Monday night.
Sept. Yen:  I was looking for downside followthrough from yesterday’s sell short day.  There’s trendline support at 10731.
Sept. Euro Currency:  14228 is the midpoint of August’s trading range; look for some downside if they take that out. I’m not looking for much action here today, though.
Sept. British Pound:  It’s a momentum sell short day; there’s Fibonacci retracement resistance at 16369. The 16300 area is the first downside objective.
Sept. Canadian Dollar:  Canada posted payroll gains for August; the Loonie is being rewarded for it.  There’s retracement resistance at 9168, then resistance at 9200.
Dec. Gold:  It’s a momentum sell short day and it ran into resistance at the June high of 993.60.  Support is 987.
Dec. Silver:  As with gold, a momentum sell short day, with resistance at the June high of 1625.  Support is 1588 then 1575.
Dec. Copper:  Momentum sell short day; bearish under 28650.  Support is 28570 then 28190.
Dec. Cocoa:  Breakout day; watch for a downside breakout point at 2905.  3000 is resistance.
March Sugar:  It’s a breakout day (NR4); it pounded through all the breakout points and broke through the mid August low of 2270.
Dec. Cotton:  Breakout day; watch 5830 for a downside breakout point.  There is additional trendline support at 5800.
Oct. Crude Oil: Broke important Fibonacci support at 6772 and the mid August low of 6742.  It’s a breakout day, and the last near support is Wednesday’s low of 6705.
Nov. Soybeans:  Trading around support at the mid August low of 940-4.  A close under there could take them back to the mid July basing area-I’d look for 900.
Dec. Corn:  There’s now a double bottom (temporarily?) at 311-4.  I’d consider selling a break under there.  The contract low for Z09 is 305.

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