Personal Income and Spending were both a bit stronger than expected; PMI is out at 9 AM and is more important.The market’s are continuing their pattern of bearish reactions to government bailouts (AIG).

March S&P:717 is support/downside breakout point.
June Treasury Bonds:Momentum buy day, 12502 is resistance.
March Dollar Index:8974 is the contract high.
March Japanese Yen:Look to sell.
March EuroFX:Still bearish; 12508 was last swing low.
March British Pound:14050 is support.
April Gold:Doji Friday, directional move today?
May Silver:Doji Friday, breakout move today.1300 is support.
May Cocoa:2308 was the last swing low.
May Sugar:Momentum buy day, 1379 is resistance.
May Coffee:On the lows. 110.50 is support.
May Crude Oil:Momentum buy day, 4215 is support.
May Chicago Wheat:Downside breakout under 515 support.
May Corn:350.50 was the recent low.
May Bean Oil:Broke trendline support overnight, looking to sell.

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