Do you know your own personality when comes to trading?

Hi Everyone

We chanced upon the Free Personality Test and took the test. We find it interesting and detailed. How about giving it a go and get to know yourself better?

Here’s the link to take the test: Free Personality Test

We have just took the test today. Here’s the summary of our results based on the Personality Factors:

  • We have HIGH CONSCIENTIOUSNESS => achieve results through purposeful planning and persistence.
  • We have LOW EMOTIONALITY => relatively more calm, emotionally stable and free from persistent negative feels when compared to high scorers, hence probably more secure, hardy and relaxed even under stressful conditions.
  • We scored in the NEAR AVERAGE range on EXTRAVERSION => moderate in activity and enthusiasm
  • We scored in the LOW range on OPENNESS => more down-to-earth, practical and traditional.
  • We scored in the NEAR AVERAGE range on AGREEABLENESS => likely to balance a healthy skepticism about others’ motives with a desire to cooperate and get along

To view our detailed full report, please click here: SGX Warriors Personality Report