taole.jpgI want to introduce you one more “Penny Stock Promoters” member. Tao Minerals Limited (TAOLE.OB) acquires, develops, and exploits natural resource properties focusing primarily on the rich yet highly underdeveloped gold deposits of Colombia. Unfortunately, I am unable to look at the financial side of the company because quarterly reports from 2008 are still unaudited, while the annual report is not filed yet.

All I can say about the company is that TAOLE has spent $4,000 for a stock promotion. The lucky firm to take care of this campaign is OTC Picks. However, investors still don’t show any signs of the interest in the company. On Friday, the stock went down while the volume looks increased. It looks like someone sold it.

Are investors trying to get out of Tao Minerals for some particular reason I don’t know? Does anyone have an answer to this question?