OTC Reporter was paid 33 million shares from Indie Ranch Media, and 18 million free trading shares from BizAuctions. However, the stocks of both companies do not seem to be reacting to the promotional campaign. On Friday, the stock of INDR lost 25% of its value and is now worth $0.0003. Meanwhile, BZCN stock deprived 10% of the price. Presently, it is at $0.003.

Let’s now look at both companies more closely: Indie Ranch Media, Inc. (INDR.PK) operates as an Internet protocol television studio, and production and post production services company. It’s a non-reporting company, so all the news it announces does not look trustful. The exception isn’t the managed hosting and IP services partnership with Colocube.

BizAuctions, Inc. (BZCN.PK) is the provider of commercial eBay liquidation services for excess inventory, overstock items, and returns. It serves retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

INDR and BZCN both trade on the Pink Sheets, thus they are associated with risky investments, and people interested in the stock should be careful and consider all the factors related to risks.