Wasatch Small Cap Value (WMCVX) seeks long-term growth of capital with income as a secondary objective. The fund invests primarily in small companies with market capitalizations of less than $2.5 billion.

The fund may also invest in growth companies. It believes that an undervalued company that begins to show consistent earnings growth will enjoy two drivers for stock price appreciation: earnings growth and expansion in P/E multiple.

Jim Larkins has managed the fund January 1999. The fund distributes dividends and capital gains, if any, annually.

Wasatch Global Science & Technology (WAGTX) seeks long-term capital growth through investment in domestic and foreign science and technology companies.

The fund invests a significant portion of assets in early stage and small-to-medium companies with market capitalizations of less than $5 billion. As of March 2009, its portfolio turnover was 50%.

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. (CTSH), VNUS Medical Technologies Inc. (VNUS) and NetLogic Microsystems Inc. (NETL) are among the fund’s key holdings.

Wasatch Core Growth (WGROX) was incepted in December 1986. The investment seeks long-term growth of capital. Income is a secondary objective, but only when consistent with long-term growth of capital.

The fund normally invests at least 65% of assets in the equity securities of rapidly growing companies with small-to-medium size market capitalizations of less than $5 billion. It may also invest to a smaller extent in securities issued by foreign companies in developed or emerging markets.

Unit holders have to make a minimum initial investment of $2,000 to enter this Zacks#1 Rank (“Strong Buy”) fund. It has topped the total returns of its benchmark index in the last 1-and 3-year periods.


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