Very silent day as long weekend ahead, but this is very likely now bottom pattern for UsaCad meaning rest will sell soon. With first look of british pound for this morning it has reversed .618 since bottoming morning but I have to confess market has propably rolled over back to the bears as SPX looks very much as ABC top also. Perhaps that 830 on the table in next coming weeks. Eur-Usd is big question mark in here, it´s going sideways now & consolidate latest run, but it does not necessary mean end for this run. 1.3900 or 1.4150 might coming or who in the earth knows how far.

Was long with UsdJpy as it hit 50% bottom last night, but I got out from it with second opinion, that HS does not look nice at all for me and I don´t think it´s reversal pattern in here. It´s damn too big. There´s propably not much action today so back tomorrow.

UsaCad 240 Min is definetely most interestintg chart now.